The 'Lose Yourself' hit maker requested a wooden pond filled with the colourful fishes to be built in his private backstage garden at the Tennent's Vital festival in Bangor earlier this month.

Koi carp are said to be calming to watch, and are an expensive variety of domesticated fish, costing between £200 and £600 per fish.

The pond wasn't the rapper's only backstage request for the show - he also requested a microwave, full-length mirror, dumbbells and rolling clothes racks.
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As well as having equipment to help him work out, Eminem also steered away from junk food, requesting seedless watermelon, yogurt, pretzels and an assorted vegetable tray with ranch dip.

The rapper also displayed some erratic behavior at the recent Virgin Media V Festival in Chelmsford, England, where he made artists and staff wait in a separate area backstage while he was smuggled to his dressing room as he reportedly "didn't want to be seen" by anyone.

His friend Skylar Grey – who co-wrote his hit 'Love the Way You Lie' – said: “I feel sorry for Em. It’s kind of sad. I see a lot of isolation. I wonder if he has got any really close friends.

“I think he is scared to go out the front door ’cos somebody is always waiting for him. Everybody wants something from him... Seeing him so isolated behind a lot of protectors, I feel bad for him.”

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