Kim Cattrall recently snubbed a New York Post reporter after she skipped the premiere of her latest film and attempted to nab an interview with the “Sex and the City” star afterwards.

During the after party for Cattrall’s latest film “Meet Monica Velour”, the Post reporter started the interview by asking about a bikini wax, to which the actress responded.

"That's a stupid question. You're a smart girl. How could you want to write that?"

The actress later told the journalist to get a "respectable" job.

"You didn't see my film," she added. "Why are you even here?"

Liverpool born Cattrall plays an ageing porn star whose career peaked during the eighties.

It charts her struggles as a single mom living in the trailer park, who now works in sleazy clubs to make ends meat.

It opens in theatres from April 8th.