The British-born actress was struggling to adapt the right dialect for her role as an aging former porn star-turned-stripper in 'Meet Monica Velour' and was happy to pay a huge sum when she found someone who had the accent she was trying to mimic.

She said: "The most difficult thing was to find Monica's dignity.

"She smokes, she drinks. She's from the South, so the voice had to be huskier than mine.

"I eventually found a masseuse who had just the right voice. I was paying her $250 a week just to listen to her speak."

While she enjoyed making the movie, Kim admits she found her first strip scene, in which her character is mocked, particularly difficult and ended up crying in her dressing room.

She admitted in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper: "When I was filming the first strip scene, I was surrounded by proper dancers as extras. They'd all looked after their bodies, they knew how to move and it made the contrast with me more obvious.

"Part of the scene was all the jeering Monica had to put up with. By the end, I fled to my dressing room and cried my eyes out. I'm not made of stone."