Kevin Costner
The 'Bodyguard' actor has infuriated Rick Grimm by planting a series of trees and shrubs to protect his privacy in Carpinteria, California, and has allegedly ignored requests to cut down the greenery.

Mr. Grimm - who bought his house, which is situated behind Kevin's, in 2009 - says he has sent "multiple" pleas to the actor asking him to trim the shrubbery, only for them to be replaced with even taller trees, which block his once-spectacular ocean views.

According to the neighbour, Kevin - who is seeking $150,000 damages for loss of enjoyment and $500,000 for damages to his property value if the trees are not removed - is contractually-bound not to obstruct the views from his property.

However, the lawsuit states the 57-year-old actor made it clear he would not "back down" and would "do everything in his power to secure his privacy."

In addition to his damages claim, Mr. Grimm wants a judge to force Kevin to chop down the trees.
It is believed that rules for the area state that no hedge shall be over six feet tall.