The 21-year-old daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his estranged wife Maria Shriver says while the very public break-up has been hard to deal with, she believes there was a reason behind it.
She said: “I really do believe everything happens for a reason. A lot of the time, it's hard to understand in the moment why things are happening, but I really do think that. I also like to think God doesn't really give you anything you can't handle."
Since the split was announced in May – amid revelations the 'Terminator' star had fathered a son with the family's housekeeper 14 years ago – Katherine has been pictured with both Maria and Arnold but she admits she is a lot closer to her mother.
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She said: "I've always been way closer to my mom. Even when I was little, I was glued to her all the time. I'm close to my dad, but they're totally different kinds of relationships. I talk to my mom about six times a day, and we constantly e-mail in between that.
"People say that I'm her twin. I guess it would be the Kennedy genes; my cheekbones are coming out. We'll be at the breakfast table and my mom will look over at me and say, 'I see them!' "
Maria – who was married to Arnold for 25 years – is currently in the process of divorcing the former Governor of California.
The former couple also have daughter Christina, 20, and sons Christopher, 13, and Patrick, 17, together.

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