Kate and William officially announce their engagement
Princess-in-waiting Kate Middleton could making her second trip to Dublin in December for an annual artists fund-raising lunch.

Prince William and Kate announced their engagement on Tuesday after an eight year relationship. The couple met while they were both studying at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Both Kate and her mum Carol could be making the trip to Dublin next month in support of a close friend.

But this won't be the Kate's first visit to Ireland. In April 2007, Kate and Carole Middleton visted the Urban Retreat Gallery on Dublin's Hanover Quay to support their friend Gemma Billington, an artist from Co.Kerry who now lives near the Middletons in Berkshire.

On her last trip to Dublin, she refused to speak to the media and was adament that she doesnt do press interviews.

Gallery owner Noelle Cambell-Sharpe explained that the Middleton family have a connection with the Irish artist.

"They have both been hugely supportive to us," she told the Evening Herald.

"Kate came over here three years ago to open up an exhibition in the Urban Retreat gallery in Dublin for Gemma, who is her close neighbor in Berkshire.

"Carol and her husband Michael have also come over to visit Cill Rialaig's artist retreat in Kerry.

"Kate was meant to come over the next day but bad fog at Kerry airport meant she had to turn back on her way to Stansted airport, which I know she was very disappointed about.

"The family are huge fans of the project and Kate herself is a wonderful photographer and is very creative.

"Carol was at the lunch many times and came over last year for it so of course we would love if she and Kate came again but we don't know yet if they'll be able to come."

Ms Campbell-Sharpe described the future princess as a "very ordinary, charming girl".