Justin Bieber on stage with The Wanted

Excuse us? Yep. You read that right. Not only that but he punched him twice, where it hurts!

According to reports in the UK’s tabloid newspaper, The Mirror, Justin Bieber punched Siva Kaneswaran, the Irish member of top band The Wanted, where it hurts, twice.

Apparently the rest of the boys from The Wanted just looked “on in horror”, and shouted a couple of curse words at The Biebs as the unlikely scene unfolded backstage at “The US Voice” in LA.

Oh but don’t worry, the unprovoked attack was a joke…erm? Ha? Ha?

The Wanted had just performed their new single, “Chasing the Sun,” which is featured on the “Ice Age 4” soundtrack.

Jay McGuinness, one of The Wanted boys, explained, “Justin Bieber is a prankster.

“He pranks people all day. Although I’m not actually sure that what he did to Siva was a prank…We’d done the show and Justin basically just came up and punched Siva hard in the b****. And then did it again. Siva wanted to hit him back, but you can’t go around smacking kids… he’s only little.”

The Mirror commented that Bieber wasn’t fully grown yet, remarking that they’re “not even convinced he’s been through puberty.”

These punches don’t really seem like they were part of a joking romp though. It seems The Beibs really hurt the over six-foot Blanchardstown boy.

Tom Parker said, “Siva limped into the dressing room and asked, ‘Why’s he picking on me?’ It was funny.”

Not my idea of a joke anyway.

I don’t blame Kaneswaran for plotting his revenge. The Biebs better watch his back next month when he’s set to share the stage with The Wanted boys at Wembley stadium, in London.

Kaneswaran said, “Who’d win in a fight, me or Bieber? Exactly. But you cannot go around hitting children. And anyway, he’s got million dollar sperm… I couldn’t possibly go there.

“But I’ll get him back...”

We’re right behind you Kaneswaran.

Here’s are The Wanted performing “Chasing the Sun” on “The US Voice”: