Reality TV show "Jersey Shore" star, Snooki, has been fined for being a public nuisance and then she was slammed by the judge for being a "Lindsay Lohan wannabe".

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi was charged in court at Seaside Heights, New Jersey under a law which aims to keep binge drinking under control.

The judge, Damien Murray said that he was not sure if her unacceptable behavior was part of the script for the reality TV show and said she decided "if it's worth trading your dignity for a paycheck”.

Murray called her "rude and self-indulgent" and "a Lindsay Lohan wannabe in this matter'.

She was arrested on July 30 for disturbing the peace with her drunk, loud and obnoxious behavior.

The judge fined her just $500 and sentenced her to two days of community service. She had pleaded guilty to the charge. She also apologized in court.

Later she tweeted "Ah never again! So scary… Thank you judge for understanding, I'm very thankful for that! Whew… now I can breath!”