The 27-year-old actor-and-comedian – who is straight – longs for the smouldering good looks of the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star, who he believes is the "sexiest man alive".

He told gossip website E! Online: "He is the sexiest man alive and I can tell you why. It's because he just is. Literally, he is sex on a stick ... like somebody took a normal, every day stick and then dipped it into a boiling pot of sexiness and then they removed the stick ...that's how sexy he is!

"He is so gorgeous. He is a personal inspiration to me. He has the most gorgeous head of hair that I have ever seen in my entire life. His breath smells like peppermint. His ears are the shape of what I would imagine God's ears to look like."

However, Patrick isn’t the only person to be receiving praise.

Jonah's 'Cyrus' co-star John C. Reilly recently admitted the actor has a "real knack for the truth" and is talented in both comedic and serious roles.