On Wednesday night’s “Daily Show” Jon Stewart persisted with his mocking of Senator John McCain claiming that his "old man crankiness" had "gone off the charts".

The talk show host introduced the audience to a new McCain puppet character.

"McCain stands now less a paragon of straight talk and independence for new members to admire, and more like an object lesson of how f---ing mad someone gets when they don't get their way," he joked.

Stewart showed clips of Mc Cain’s response after "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was revealed.

"Liberal bastions? Salons of Georgetown?" Stewart asked. "What decade are you living in Washington? The reason Catherine Graham doesn't invite you to hor d'ourves with the French ambassador anymore is she died 10 years ago."

The popular TV presenter announced his intensions to go "full 'Gran Torino'" on McCain and launched a segment called "Let's All Stand On John McCain's Lawn."