Jon Stewart appeared on Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor" to promote his new book, "Earth (The Book)", and it made for some in car-crash TV.

Bill O'Reilly asked Stewart if he was suffering from "Obama remorse". After joking with O'Reilly for a couple of minutes Stewart said "he ran as a visionary, and he's led as a functionary." He said that Obama kept too much of the "same system and the same people in place" when he took his place in office.

The pair also spoke about Stewarts planned rally which is scheduled for October 30 in Washington D.C. His rally has been named a "Rally to Restore Sanity". Stewart told O'Reilly that the rally would last from noon until 3pm. He said "We're here but we're only here til 3: We have a sitter!"

Stewart made jibes at O'Reilly calling him "Fox 1.0" and outdated version of the current Fox he referred to as "Fox 2.0". He said "I think you can't believe what you've unleashed." Most likely referring to Glenn Beck. Stewart continued "On this network you're left-wing."

The two presenters seemed to enjoy the back and forth and O'Reilly announced that he will be making an appearance on "The Daily Show" next Monday.