Caroline Biden busted over row
Caroline Biden (26) was arrested in New York on Tuesday after a fight with her roommate over the $3,500-a-month rent for their luxury Tribeca apartment.

The New York Post reported that the fight started at 9.15am when Biden confronted her roommate for not paying her part of the rent. Cops were called to the scene and a source said that Biden was “screaming at the top of her lungs”.

The police started filing a report. Biden wanted to see what was being written and lunged at the officer. She allegedly threw a punch, missed and then the other officer intervened. The she allegedly started hitting him.

Then when she got to the station she grabbed an officer in an attempt to avoid being put into a cell. She continued to resist.

The New York Daily News reports that she got off on a desk-appearance ticket on multiple charges.
At that point she was having trouble breathing and the paramedics were called to remove her from the building.

Caroline Biden’s dad is the Vice President’s brother. According to a woman who sublet the apartment she hasn’t paid her rent for months. In 2009 Biden was detained by the police over an argument about an Amtrak train ticket fare. Biden works as an art dealer.