Ricky Gervais was on stage for less than five minutes but seemed to out shine the show's host, Jimmy Fallon.

It seems that Ricky Gervais, literally cannot help himself. He caused controversy as the host of the Golden Globe Awards, commenting on the audience's impeccable plastic surgery and Angelina Jolie's adoption history and on Sunday he brought his slightly toned down comedy to the Emmy's stage.

Gervais, "The Office" creator, was presenting the award for Director and Series in the Variety, Music or Comedy Series category but before he did he added a little bit of his world famous humor.

It was quite hilarious how many stars he got to comment on in just a few seconds. He then went on to have a go at Mel Gibson. He said "I’m not gonna have a go at him. He’s been through a lot. [Pause] Not as much as the Jews.”

He also commented on the fact that he could say what he liked at the Golden Globe as the audience were all drunk and criticized the no alcohol policy of the Emmys. He then offered the entire audience a beer with waiters handing beers out to the stars.

This is just a sneak preview of what's in store when he presents the 2011 Golden Globes in January.