Advance word on "Going the Distance " the new movie starring Drew Barrymore Justin Long and Jim Gaffigan is that it is already getting the kind of media buzz that smacks of this summer's hottest hit.

It will released on August 13.

The move may be the career breakthrough for Irish Cathoilic Jim Gaffigan who has made a name for himself on Comedy Central and who continues to draw fans in huge numbers.

Gaffigan was born in Chesterton, Indiana according to Wikipedia. He is one of six children and often jokes about growing up in a large family.

He is married to Jeannie Noth, with whom he has two daughters, Marre and Katie, and one son, Jack.

Gaffigan is a practicing Catholic and of Irish descent, although in his Comedy Central Presents special he joked that his dad was Swedish and his mother was Elton John.

Gaffigan is also known for various routines or skits relating to being lazy and eating food, His 2006 album, Beyond the Pale consisted primarily of material regarding food and American eating habits.

The album was accompanied by an hour-long special on Comedy Central of the same name, which was also released on DVD.