Jessica Chastain
The 'Help' actress has starred in a number of high profile films in the last year and she admitted a bigger hotel room and her own en-suite at the French film festival was one of the biggest perks of her new high profile.

She said: "It's very strange for me because I haven't really noticed the difference. But to compare last year at Cannes and this year at Cannes ... This time I had a nice room. I didn't have to share a bathroom down the hall!

Jessica also revealed she was once bullied for her looks and called "carrot top" at school.

The stunning redheaded actress told Total Film magazine: "I think everybody has a bit of an underdog in them. I remember being the awkward, freckled, redhaired girl in elementary school that everyone would call carrot top and then I'd come home crying."

Although Jessica hasn't had much time off in the past year, she doesn't care because she has no responsibilities in her personal life.

She said: "Sleep's overrated. When I have children and I'm married I don't think I'll work this much."