The actors paid for 13 dozen cupcakes from Cush's Grocery and Market to be delivered on set, while shooting in the town of Shreveport, Louisiana, as an end of week treat.

A source told People: “It's a wide variety of cupcakes that she and Gerard ordered for a Friday treat.”

Jessica – who recently split from ‘Sexyback’ singer Justin Timberlake – has reportedly been making a number of visits to Cush's during filming, with the Chicken Salad Special proving her favourite order. She has also been a big hit with staff, with one worker calling her "one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people".

Jessica and Gerard are not the only Hollywood starts to extend generosity to their crews when it comes to tasty treats.

When filming in the same town, Katie Holmes treated the crew of ‘Mad Money’ to different treats every week.

A member of that crew said: “The first Friday was smoothies. Then we had ice cream, pizza, cupcakes, Coke floats and then snow cones."

Jennifer Garner is also a pizza fan, reportedly personally handing out slices to cast and crew on her first ever day of filming on 2004 film ’13 going on 30’.

Not all stars choose calorific rewards for their crews, however, with Jennifer Aniston personally paying the wages of every member of the crew working on ‘The Bounty Hunter’ in 2009 so they could start their Fourth of July weekend on Thursday, July 2; a day earlier than expected.

‘Playing the Field’ is set for release next year.