Jessica Biel & Colin Farrell
The two stars appear opposite each other in the sci-fi remake and after chatting between takes discovered they both share a mutual love of verse.

Colin let Jessica borrow some books of his favorite poems and then they would discuss the ones she liked the best.

She revealed: "Colin really likes poetry and I'm a bit of an amateur poet myself. He was telling me all about different poets he likes. He would let me borrow a book and I would look at his poetry book over a week and then I'd pass it back and we'd talk about which poems we liked best."

The 30-year-old actress insists it is important to bond with your co-stars at the start of a new film and she always tries to find out what her fellow actors like when shooting starts on a project.

She added: "When you have to have chemistry with somebody you've just met the best thing to do is find one thing about them that you really like - whether it's that he's kind or really funny or a good chef.

"It's something that you grab on to and you make the basis for your fascination or obsession or passion for that person whom you really don't know at all."

The brunette beauty - who is engaged to Justin Timberlake - recently revealed she writes her own poems because she finds it very relaxing.

Jessica said: "I like being able to write when I find the time to get into it. I love reading poetry and I've written poetry myself since I was in school.

"It's very calming and spiritual to be able to get in touch with emotions and states of mind to write poetry."