Jenny McCarthy
The blonde beauty was recently romantically linked to jeweler Pascal Mouawad following her split from NFL player Brian Urlacher but she insists she is staying single while she learns to care for herself better.

She told People: "I have not met anyone yet that is a potential love. I have myself under construction. I'll let you know when the roads are clear and reopened.

"I'm in love with falling in love. I have come to realize, though, that I need to practice what I preach and learn to love myself completely before I love someone else.

"So, I've been courting myself and having a great time with me, myself and I."

Jenny turned 40 on Thursday, but she insists she isn't upset about reaching the milestone age because she feels much younger.

She said: "I sadly have the same thought that my parents say every birthday which is, 'I don't feel that old.' So, I have decided to make my mindset 40 is the new 15. Okay, fine - the new 22."