Jenny McCarthy

The 40-year-old talk show host is currently single and while she loves to relax at night in her bath in her Chicago apartment, Jenny wishes she had a man to join her.

She told People magazine: "All my friends know that if anyone calls me at night I'm talking to them from my bathtub.

"My tub fits two people so I'm looking for that other person."

It seems Jenny has had a change of heart as just a few months ago she insisted she wasn't ready to date anyone.

She said late last year: "I have not met anyone yet that is a potential love. I have myself under construction. I'll let you know when the roads are clear and reopened.

"I'm in love with falling in love. I have come to realise, though, that I need to practice what I preach and learn to love myself completely before I love someone else.

"So, I've been courting myself and having a great time with me, myself and I."