Read more: Jenny McCarthy attributes her great figure to lots of sex

The former Playboy model has reportedly called time on her two-month romance with Massachusetts-based sports agent Paul Krepelka because the distance between them was too difficult.

A source close to Paul told Life and Style magazine: "The long-distance thing proved too much for them, and they just mutually decided that it wasn't going to work.

"He didn't want to move to Los Angeles, and she certainly can't move to Boston.

They're still friends; they just couldn't make it work."

Jenny split from model Jason Toohey in December before meeting Paul on a blind date and the star - who also saw the breakdown of her five-year relationship with Jim Carrey last year - recently admitted she was so worried about her taste in men, she asked friends to help her find a new boyfriend.

She explained: "I went on a few blind dates - I didn't trust myself with picking guys anymore so I asked my friends to just set me up on lots of dates so I went on one after another and they were hilariously disastrous.

"They were so creepy and gross, they wanted me to get autographs from celebrities. You can't date a guy who also wants your autograph. You need someone who doesn't mind you without the make-up, with zits and bloatedness."

Jenny, 38, has a son Evan, eight, from her relationship with actor-and-director John Mallory Asher.

Read more: Jenny McCarthy attributes her great figure to lots of sex