Jennifer Aniston has had her eggs frozen in a fertility clinic as she reaches 41 and is desperate to start a family according to reports.

There are also rumors about a new man in her life -- and its not Irish star Colin Farrell as one report said, who will shortly star with her in a new movie. 'Horrible Bosses.'

Last time we looked Farrell was happily married.

“There’s definitely someone new in Jen’s life and he’s not a player in the superficial Hollywood scene. That’s all I can say.” a source told Showbiz Spy.

“She will be an amazing mother,” said the Aniston insider. “Jen is incredible with children. For so many years she’s wanted to have children.

“She’s financially positioned to bring kids into the world and provide them with an amazing life.

Aniston also admits she is not at her best in the morning saying she needs immediate beauty work.

“Everyday! Unless I had somebody with a hair brush and a blow dryer right when I rolled out of bed. I mean come on, of course,” she said.