Channing & Jenna Tatum

The actress gushed about her spouse, Channing's, "amazing" fatherly instincts and how he takes time out of his own busy acting schedule to cradle four-month-old daughter Everly to sleep while she is filming TV show 'Witches of East End'.

The 32-year-old actress told "He's in the trailer, he's rocking her to sleep, I'm running back and forth breastfeeding.

"He's been amazing - every chance he gets he's here. He's like, 'I could sit here and be set husband all day long. This is so fun!' "

Jenna - who married Tatum in 2009 - moved to Vancouver, Canada, to begin filming her show only two months after giving birth to Everly, and said the move taught her lots about preparation.

She explained: "We knew it was coming, I knew I had this show coming up, and we just knew, okay, let's get through these four months and prepare for it as much as possible, which I'm learning is the key of motherhood: prepping. It's going good so far."

Meanwhile Jenna claims 'White House Down' actor Channing is already a fan of her show, will hit US screens next month, after getting a sneak preview.

She added: "My husband has seen an episode, he thought it was amazing."