Last night on "The Tonight Show" Leno aired a pretty risqué skit of the Queen getting drunk at the Guinness Storehouse. The NBC show was obviously making fun of the fact that Queen didn't touch a drop of the black stuff while visiting the Sky Bar at Guinness.

Leno opened by saying "Ye know Queen Elizabeth is on this historic tour of Ireland and she visited the Guinness beer factory and eh, well it was interesting. Show what happened"

His clip went on to portray the Queen being greeted at the entrance, being presented with a pint of Guinness and spending the next two hours getting tanked. He continued "Here she is going in. They all come out to greet her. Okay. Now they present her with a Guinness. Okay. Two hours later. Look at this….Threw her right in the car, that's bad."

The skit ends with two bodyguards throwing a legless Queen substitute into the back of a car.

The Queen and her husband Prince Phillip visited the Storehouse on Wednesday. There was quite a stir in the media when the Queen and Phillip declined to try the pint presented to them after they had been given a master class in how to pour the perfect pint.

Last year Jay Leno famously created a skit game for his audience to identify the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, Brian Cowen, at the time. Cowen had just been involved in some controversy after he had been accused of being drunk during a morning interview on the state broadcaster RTE.

Here is Leno's skit on the Queen's visit to Guinness:

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