Janet Jackson
She decided to save the best for last. Janet Jackson, Michael’s ultra-talented little sister, wrapped up her European tour in Dublin on Tuesday night, and revealed that she was planning on staying on in the country her late brother loved so well for some rest and relaxation.

“The last time I came over to Ireland it was a case of airport to hotel to venue, to hotel to airport,” she told the Irish Daily Star last week.

“What I did see of it was lovely, and I remember it being very scenic and green.  So this time I hope to see more of it.”

Janet hasn’t made up her mind as to what parts of the country she’ll explore. Michael and his children lived in Co. Westmeath while he recorded an album there at the Grouse Lodge studios in 2006.

“Ireland has inspired me to make a great album. I have never given up on making music,” he told Billy Bush of Access Hollywood.  Bush traveled to Grouse Lodge to interview Michael, and it turned out to be the last TV interview he ever gave.

“I’m going to stay here for a couple of days and see what I can fit in,” said Janet.  “There’s nothing decided at the moment. Normally we go to a place before we decide what we’re doing.”