The 'Glee' actress – who is now happily married to psychologist Lara Embry – still feels guilty about the illicit relationship because she never had the chance to apologize to her former pal for the betrayal. She explained: "I had an affair with a friend's lover and I know it caused her so much pain and I feel really bad about that, and I don't know that it's something I'll ever get to apologize for. Why did I do it? Why does anyone do something stupid like that? They think they've found the love of their life and that the rules don't apply and, you know, you go unconscious and you make stupid mistakes."

However, Jane claims she knew as soon as she met Lara – who she married last year – that she was the one and revealed she and their dog are the loves of her life.

She told Attitude magazine: "Lara is the love of my life. And my dog Olivia. And my dog Olivia is also the love of Lara's life. With Lara, I knew right away that she was very important, I got that rush on a soul level, and so did she, and we both looked at each other and almost had like a recognition."