Jane Lynch's wedding day
Jane Lynch, the actress who plays loud mouth cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester, has said that although she never pictured herself as someone who would get married she wouldn't have it any other way.

She admitted that she had never considered marrying anyone she had dated in the past but she realized as soon as she married Lara Embry that she has made the right decision.

Speaking to TooFab she said "The minute we were married, I felt the difference.”

She also let some of the furture plot of "Glee" slip while speaking with the TV Guide. She told them that Sue Sylvester's mother would be coming to town. Carol Burneet will play Sylvester's mother Doris whose visit is centered around her daughter's wedding announcement.

Lynch revealed "She and I sing a duet, 'Why, Oh Why, Oh Why, Did I Leave Ohio' from [the Broadway musical] Wonderful Town."

Sylvesters back story is that her mother and father abandoned her in Ohio where she was left to look after her disabled sister, Jean, while her parents were away fighting Nazis.

"I guess all the Nazis have been caught, so Mother comes back - but there's still a lot of resentment...We're going to see another level of Sue's vulnerability. This has a lot to do with why Sue is so mean," says Lynch.