Tonight is the first “American Idol” all country music finale as country singers Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have won the country’s hearts.

McCreery (17), from North Carlolina, with an Irish name and Puerta Rican roots wowed the country as this preppy teenage boy belted out country tunes with all the depth and maturity of Garth Brookes.

"I do think Scotty is going to win, but I think it will possibly be the closest race in history of 'Idol'. And although Lauren will probably come in second, she will probably sell more records than Scotty," said Yahoo! Music managing editor Lyndsey Parker.

"She has more crossover appeal in the type of country she does, and even though boys tend to win on 'Idol', girls are dominating the real pop market place right now." she added.

Alaina is just 16-years-old and has dreamed of being on the show since she was six. She is the youngest person in the nine years of “American Idol” to reach the finale.

Tonight will decide which of these young country stars will be guaranteed a record deal. What is for sure is that they both have a career in country music.