Georgie Henley a young British actress from "The Chronicles of Narnia" has said that "Twilight's" Kristen Stewart is her role model but does she really cut the muster. It' not so long ago that she was snapped smoking weed on someone's front stoop.

Speaking to Sugarscape Henley said "[S]he’s a fully fledged and talented actress, and I think she does very well.” She also said that she admires Stewart's choice and the fact that she hasn't simply stuck with "The Twilight Saga" and she's tried different things. She said that she is her role model despite the bad press she receives from time to time.

A piece in Hollywood Life about Miley Cyrus' video, smoking a bong, reminded me that it was not so long ago that Stewart was caught out smoking pot. She also reconfirmed her love for weed by wearing a string bikini embroidered with hash plant leaves.

Perhaps it is the rebel in Stewart that people are drawn too. Stewart certainly doesn't seem to feel the need to please the media and perhaps this is what has made her one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood today.

Do you think Stewart is a good role model for young actresses?