Skeletal Kate Middleton
Over the last couple of months there’s been a lot of talk about Princess Catherine, aka Kate Middleton’s, dramatic weight-loss since the announcement of her marriage to Prince William. In our opinion her weight has now dropped so much that she is starting to look skeletal and frail.

Obvious parallels between Kate and her husband’s much loved mother, Princess Diana, spring to mind.

Diana was an outsider who married into the Windsor Royal Family. She too was a style icon and “the People’s Princess” but the stress of being placed on a pedestal simply became too much.
PHOTOS - Photo gallery of Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding

Kate Middleton’s Irish lace wedding dress on display at Buckingham Palace

Pippa Middleton accused of padding her bottom for Prince William and Kate's wedding.
Sadly for years she suffered from depression and bulimia but carried on in her duties as Princess. She was photographed looking awkward and smiling on Prince Charles arm and her every move, item of clothing and action was scrutinized.

Kate Middleton - with a fuller face
It feels like this could be exactly what's going on with Prince William and Kate who are being papped almost everyday. Most recently they were spotted laughing at crude jokes at the premiere of the "Inbetweeners" movie. The press seemed to be questioning if this young royal couple should be entertaining such rude jokes.

We love Kate. We love that she wears Karen Millen, Nine West and other high street brands and that she re-wears coats. She is a style icon and a beautiful woman. But some recent photographs have really been shocking.
According to the Belfast Telegraph’s recent report Kate is down to a size 2 (UK size 4). They also speculate that it’s the dramatic change of going from a normal upper class girl to a Princess over night, being papped and scrutinized that is cause her to shrink in size. 

Happily unlike Princess Diana and Prince Charles, William and Kate seem to be a much happier couple. Hopefully she will get over this shock of this dramatic change and settle into the life of the Duchess of Cambridge.