Is Rosie O'Donnell getting back together with her old partner Kelli Carpenter because of the kids they raised together?

Sure sounds like it if you look at these weekend quotes from Rosie that their four kids keep them together.

“What makes a family is love, and we all love each other,” Rosie said.

“We’re gonna stay together and take care of each other as a family unit.”

Rosie and Kelli raised four children together.

“You have to really look at the four kids and realize that family is forever, which we both believe and it makes it a little bit easier,” adds O’Donnell.

“Our group of kids together is like the Brady Bunch on steroids. Or the Gay-dy Bunch.”

She is adamant she has no hard feeling about Kelly and says she will “take care” of her ex forever.

The pair were together for ten years before separating in 2007.

Since then she has been seeing artist and activist Tracy Kachtick-Anders --but it sure sounds like she still misses Kelli.