Ask people what role Paul Darnell plays in the “Twilight” saga and most fans will not have a clue.

When people think of Robert Pattinson’s “Twilight” character Edward, it instantly conjures up images of the lean, toned vampire that Twihards the world over admire.

But behind the English actor is a handsome stunt double, that Pattinson could not live without.

Paul Darnell, the American actor recently spoke scene to a Robert Pattinson fan site about filming the MTV award winning fight

“The last battle scene in ‘Twilight’ was very intense. Many of the stunts involved hard hits with wires and crashes which are so much fun to do!

“Without risking personal injury to Rob, I ended up doing the majority of stunts in the final battle which won the award.” he said speaking to a Robert Pattinson fan site.

Last summer Paul teamed up again with Rob in “Water for Elephants”.

“Rob has a scene feeding tigers, REAL tigers, that could eat you if they wanted. Rob played it cool and had no problems working with them at all. Probably better than I could,” he said.

Check out his stunt double action below.