This week Sarah Gadon was announced as the actress to play Robert Pattinson’s wife in his upcoming movie “Cosmopolis”. The sites and magazines are already in a frenzy with speculation about how “Twilights” Kristen Stewart will take the news. But does Gadon pose a threat to the “Twilight” pairs relationship?

I reckon not. E! has already reported that Gadon is taken and a really “sweet girl” according to her friends. They said “She’s so not like that”, which is good to hear but aren’t see forgetting that Pattinson has a say in this too.

Just last week he spoke to the Italian Vanity Fair about how he doesn’t understand why people cheat”. Too right RPattz, he’s a good guy.

He also revealed that he’s not into short flings or casual relationships. Over the years he and Stewart have kept their cards pretty close to their chests about their relationship and when pressed to speak about it with Vanity Fair he said “my private life is off-limits”.

Anyway where is this all coming from? Last year Robert Pattinson spent weeks on location for “Water for Elephants” with America’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon and I certainly don’t remember the rumor mills being in such a tizzy.

With “Breaking Dawn” wrapping up and Pattinson and Stewarts careers going from strength to strength I think this shrewd and private couple will have no problems batting off these rumors as just that silly speculation.