Is Robert Pattinson still embarrassed by the 'Twilight' movies? The gorgeous actor has already made it clear he doesn't think he is attractive enough to star in them!

The role of handsome but gloomy vampire Edward Cullen made him feel like an 'arrogant p***k' when he was auditioning for the film because he is not, he says, flawless like '17 Again' hunk Zac Efron.

Pattinson said: 'The Edward in the book is like an enigma of everything that's perfect about a man. It's like, 'He walked into a room and it hurts to see how beautiful he is.' It's just kind of embarrassing. I just couldn't figure out a way to act perfect. I felt like an idiot going into the audition - even having the gall to go in means you're a bit of an arrogant p***k. Who could possibly play it apart from Zac Efron?'

Despite his current pin-up status, the actor says his casting in the role was initially rejected by fans if the book series. He explained to Look magazine: 'Twilight fans are very loyal to the book and to the author Stephanie Meyer. And I got a 100 per cent negative reception when I got cast. I kind of expected it, though.'