Robert Pattinson was named alongside U.S. President Barack Obama last year in the annual list by Time Magazine of the 100 Most Influential People in the world. However for 2011, the leading “Twilight” star failed to make it onto the coveted list. Despite this his stardom continues to reach new levels of hysteria as his global fan base increases day on day.

So what does the London born actor and most powerful man in the world have in common?

The both cannot go anywhere without bodyguards.
They each attract a huge amount of attention anytime they venture out in public.
They both enjoy playing basketball.
Anything they say is widely publicized by the press.
Oprah is a big fan of the two men.

Watch the video below to see "Twilight" stars Mike Welch and Christian Serratos compare their co-star to the U.S. President.

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