Tom Brady and Gisele Bunchen
Many people are surprised that so many celebrity weddings end in divorce, but only celebrities themselves understand why.

First of all, when you're not living in reality, or at least not a reality that 99% of Americans will ever experience, the normal rules no longer apply. Rules are for the little people.

Tom Brady, who will lead the New England Patriots against the New York Giants in the Super Bowl in a few weeks, knows all about it by now.

Brady has been married to the Brazilian-German super-model Gisele Bundchen for just under two years, an absolute lifetime in celerity wedding years, and the couple has a baby son.
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But longtime celebrity watchers are already predicting the couple will end their marriage in a year or at the most two because the fact is Tom and Gisele do not live in the real world - they live in a series of massive mansions and they employ legions of dedicated staff just to run their bloated homes and careers.

Hollywood teaches that celebrities at their level simply don't marry for love, they marry for publicity, and publicity keeps them famous, and fame keeps them rich.

So with Brady’s NFL career in the final stretch and Bundchen's name out of the headlines, the most cynical observers predict a divorce will help maintain the public’s flagging interest once their careers finally go off the boil.

You can have it all, it appears - well, you can have fame and money - but at the level of fame that Tom and Gisele have reached there's a point where love begins to look like a pointless distraction. We'll know if that's true before too long.