Lucy Lawless, 41, the Xena: Warrior Princess beauty, may be Broadway bound. In an interview this week she's admitted she'd like to return to the Times Square jamboree.

"I would love to go back to Broadway. I played Rizzo in Grease, and by golly it's time again," said the star, instantly ensuring that agents are clamoring to book her. The only question now is for which show?

Lawless is currently playing a gladiator training camp owner on the Starz' network's new ancient-Rome drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Prior to that her memorable turn as particularly chilling Cylon in Battlestar Galatica won her a new legion of fans.

But this week she's in the news for some racy and revealing sex scenes in her current sword and sandals epic. "Those scenes are shot very carefully, and there's never skin-on skin-contact. Everyone is wearing modesty patches, and you choreograph well in advance," says the Irish American star. "But yeah, it was pretty shocking even for me watching that."

Lawless is far from disappointed that she's not sword fighting in the new show. It means that she has time to relax a bit on her new set. Asked if she misses all the jumping around she laughs: "God, no! I always detested it. Sitting, popping grapes in my mouth and giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down is perfect."