For the first time in months Lindsay Lohan has been spotted with her ex-girlfriend, DJ, Samantha Ronson.

It seems that Ronson was Lohan’s knight in shining armour and came to the troubled starlet’s rescue when the court slapped a 90-day prison sentence on her last week.

Joan River, veteran comedian and big fan of plastic surgery, post some harsh Tweets mocking Lohan’s situation and Ronson stepped in to defend her.

Ronson called Rivers a “bully”. It seems that she must still have a soft spot for Lohan. Ronson’s kind gesture didn’t go unnoticed and Lohan responded thanking her.

Lohan and Ronson were then seen in Matsuhisa sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Sunday night according to

Lohan has no hired Stuart V. Goldberg, a Chicago-based attorney, in the hope that he will launch an appeal into her 90-day sentence set to begin on July 20.