Georgia Salpa....not Kim Kardashian?
I swear it's like they're making them out of cookie cutters!! Who knew Irish model Georgia Salpa, now a resident in the UK "Celebrity Big Brother" is being lauded as a dead-ringer for the media millionaire Kim Kardashian. Do you see it?

The Daily Mail said "the pair also share the same big brown eyes, high cheek bones and ample bosom and both have a penchant for extremely tight dresses and towering heels."

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------------------- has reported that as Salpa entered "Celebrity Big Brother" on Thursday night the UK public got quite the fright believing that the media mogul Kardashian was taking party in the long running, and tiring fast, reality TV series.

Salpa is, in fact, a 26-year-old, lingerie model who shot to fame for dating Calum Best, the son of Belfast footballing genius George Best.