Sinead O'Connor finds love yet again
Sinead O’Connor has been unlucky in love – that’s a fair thing to say when you’ve got four busted marriages behind you, right? – but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on meeting her dream guy.

Though it was only 11 months ago since she wed Irish drugs counselor Barry Herridge in a quickie Vegas ceremony – that one lasted slightly longer than a Kim Kardashian marriage – Sinead, 45, is back in the game with an anthropologist she met while helping him with his thesis.

“He’s gorgeous, lovely and sexy and really nice to me. I’ve been very lucky with boyfriends,” Sinead told the Irish Sun about her new guy, who she only refers to as David.

“David wrote to me and I helped him out with his thesis. We were mates for about eight months and then started going out two months ago.”

Sinead says she’s not going to blab too much about her man. “This is something I want for me.  I think I have learned from the mistakes,” she says.

“But I am the one in the public eye so I like to keep that little part to myself.”

She and Herridge, who she wed in the Little White Wedding Chapel with a pink Cadillac on standby, are still buds, she says.