Google’s newly launched Irish Street View facility was never intended to be a rear end view.

But two lads from the Dublin suburb of Ballinteer have succeeded in having their backsides exposed to the Google giant as it took pictures of their street.

They were caught by the Google cam mooning outside a home in Balinteer Drive Dublin.

Late yesterday embarrassed Google officials were trying to end the "exposure" but the damage had been done as the pictures 'flashed' all over the Internet.

“If you take a wander up Ballinteer Drive, Dublin on Google Street View and keep looking to the left of the road you'll get an eyeful,” one user on twitter posted.

“There is great excitement here about bare arses in Ballinteer,” said another.

The new Street View facility of Ireland just went on line yesterday despite privacy concerns.

Tourism official John Concannon described getting involved with Street View as “a total no-brainer” to The Irish Times.

But he hardly expected bare butts to be the main topic of discussion when the site went live.