Niall Horan
The One Direction singer admits he's quite a fiery character and when asked to compare himself to a food he says he would be something that has a bit to a kick to it.

He told TOTP magazine: "I would be a Peri-Peri chicken wrap from Nando's, because I love Nando's. Actually, I take that back! I'd be a Chicken Katsu Curry from Wagamama - cos I'm a spicy character!"

Niall - who is joined in the band by Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson - also revealed how he uses Skype to keep in touch with his friends and family in Ireland because he's rarely home.

He said: "Every time I go home, which is not very often, I hang out with my friends. I was home recently for a week and went to one of the lad's houses on Saturday night. I also went on holiday with a couple of friends and my dad and cousin, plus I talk to them all the time on Skype and stuff."