The reigning Irish Miss Universe, Rozanna Purcell, changed her Facebook status this week to single squashing rumors of her love life.

Purcell, 20, and her previous beau Jamie Hunt must have gone their separate ways as Purcell prepares to live and work in New York at an invitation by billionaire Donald Trump.

Purcell and Hunt had been dating for nearly half a year after meeting in college in the University College of Dublin (UCD).

Purcell is now living in the Trump Model Apartments with other super hot models after accepting a year-long contract with Trump Model Management.

"Roz and Jamie discussed the possibility of staying together and trying to make it work but it would be almost impossible," said a close pal of the model.

"They're leading very different lives at the moment and she feels her main focus has to be her modeling career now that it's taken off so well.

"They parted on good terms and will stay in touch but she's definitely single now."