Still from Rihanna's 'We Found Love'
PHOTOS - Rihanna asked to cover up on raunchy County Down video shoot - slideshow

Last month DUP Councilor and Bangor farmer, Alan Graham, asked Rihanna and her crew to stop filming of her video “We Found Love” after the pop star stripped off on his land. Having seen the finished the deeply religious man hopes that Rihanna can learn to enjoy a good life by “enjoying God’s salvation in her life.”

The video includes Rihanna involved in drug taking, stealing, bathing with the boxer/model Dudley O’Shaughnessy, taking drugs and, oddly, vomiting up ribbons.

Part of the video was filmed in Graham’s fields, in Bangor. However he called a stop to filming when Rihanna stripped off and frolicked around his land.

PHOTOS - Rihanna asked to cover up on raunchy County Down video shoot - slideshow 

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Having viewed Rihanna’s new video Graham gave his reaction to He said he wasn’t particularly shocked by the content of the video.

The story of Graham asking Rihanna and her crew to wrap up filming, as he did not approve of her behavior, was covered by press outlets around the world. Graham told that he was genuinely shocked by the public interest.

He said “I never dreamt that the issue would develop into a worldwide story. I didn’t anticipate that. I suppose it was because I requested the filming to stop and because of the worldwide status of Rihanna, that’s why the story became something worldwide. I must say that I respect Rihanna and I care for Rihanna – perhaps a lot more than those who want her to make these videos.”

The deeply Christian farmer added “I simply want her to enjoy life and have a good life, and I believe that can only come through her enjoying God’s salvation in her life.”

Referring the drug taking scenes in the video he said “Some people think there are issues with a superstar showing that example and perhaps rubbing off on young people. I think there is a case there.”

Graham is also worried that the impression Rihanna is giving to the public through her pop star persona is not her true personality. Having spoken to the pop star while she was on his land he said “My encounter with her, and the respectful conversation I had with her and she had with me, [means] I am hopeful that is not her when she is doing these things, but I don’t live in that world.”

He continued by referring to the “big picture” and what kind of a message music videos, such as Rihanna’s, are sending to young girls.

He said “I would just prefer that the bigger picture is that there wasn’t this need for young ladies to take their clothes off and so on and so forth in the name of entertainment…I don’t mind ladies at all – I enjoy their company and conversation, but I want to respect them and I want to take care of them.”

PHOTOS - Rihanna asked to cover up on raunchy County Down video shoot - slideshow