Niall Horan with his father Bobby
The father of One Direction star Niall Horan says he does not want a cut of his son’s fortune.

Bobby Horan told the Sun newspaper, “I don’t want one penny of Niall’s money. He’s offered me big things like a car but I’ve always said no. I’m happy living and working as I am.”

The 51-year-old butcher said he has already turned down a house and car from the 18-year-old pop star.

“When I heard Niall and One Direction had hit No1 in the States with their first album I was just clocking on for a 13-hour night shift,” Horan said.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was obviously overjoyed. But I wasn’t going to go home and celebrate — I had a job to do.

“I’ve been a butcher most of my life and I’m going to keep doing that until I retire.

The Westmeath man raised Niall and his older brother Greg, after splitting from their mother Maura.

Since his son’s rise to stardom, he has been busy looking after all Niall’s fan mail.

“I’ve taken bras to him that have come with letters asking for them to be autographed. He does it with a smile. It’s all harmless stuff and keeps people happy.”

A number of tourists have also visited their Westmeath home to see where Niall grew up.

“A mother and daughter came from Canada. They wanted to see Niall’s room and where he lived. I was polite and let them take photos.

“Another girl turned up from the US. She’d been driven here by her dad. It’s mad but I’m always polite. They’re the ones backing my boy after all.”

The proud father said it’s been great following his teenage son’s success.

“He’s gone in completely the opposite direction of my life, and I love watching it happen.”