Derek Jeter is of Irish extraction but so is the love of his life, Minka Kelly who he plans to marry.

The actress voted Sexiest Woman alive by Esquire Magazine in 2010 was in Yankee Stadium to see her beau break the 3,000 hits mark.

Minka keeps a low profile despite her fame and manages to avoid much of the paparazzi nonsense. She first sprang to fame in 'Friday Nights Lights'

Minka Dumont Kelly is daughter of a dancer and actress Maureen Kelly who raised her alone.Her father was Rick Dufay who played with Aerosmith but played little role in her life.

Tragically her mother died of breast cancer in 2008.


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New York Yankee's hero Derek Jeter's Irish roots examined, mother is Dorothy Conner

She moved around with her mother who was a stripper when times got rough and was extremely close to her.

She remembers her mother waking her after a good night and going grocery shopping with her to a 24 hour store.

Now she has the hottest man in America as her husband to be.

Her mother would be very happy.

Jeter's Irish roots are through his mother, Dorothy Conner.