SEE PHOTOS - Rozanna Purcell - Ireland's Miss Universe

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The current Miss Ireland, Rozanna Purcell, can’t say enough good things about the one and only (thank God) Donald Trump, who she met during the Miss Universe contest that he runs earlier this year.

The Donald liked seventh place finisher Rozanna so much that he inked her to a deal with his Trump Model Management group, and she’s spent the past few months here being put through the paces by Donald and his minions.

Trump, says Rozanna, “has been amazing to me since I met him at the Miss Universe final.  I've really bonded with him and he has been so great to me since the contest. We meet up all the time and, no matter where I am in the world, he rings me to make sure I'm getting on well,” she wrote in a piece for the Evening Herald newspaper in Dublin.

“He is always telling me that he's going to make sure they turn me into a star -- they are his words but it's nice to have that level of support.”

Only 20 years old, the Clonmel, Co. Tipperary native has returned to Ireland for the holidays, but will be back in the Big Apple come January.