Ireland Baldwin

The 17-year-old model is looking forward to being a big sister after learning her dad Alec Baldwin and his second wife Hilaria are expecting a baby girl, and she thinks she will be able to pass on loads of great knowledge to her as she grows up.

Speaking to E! News at the CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday (03.06.13), she said: "I got good advice and I'm ready to give it to her and show her a good time."

Yoga instructor Hilaria, 29, is due to give birth at the end of summer and has admitted she'll be calling on Ireland - whose mother is Alec's ex-wife Kim Basinger- to babysit her half-sibling when she isn't busy modelling.

Hilaria said previously: "When she has the time, we'd totally take her up on [babysitting]. For now she's busy being a model and doing incredible things.''

While the fitness fanatic is loving her pregnancy, she has admitted cutting back on her workouts has been difficult and she's even been forced to totter around the house in heels to prevent her feet from swelling and causing her pain.

She explained: "I've toned it down a lot. I don't do as much cardio. This is about her. I can't get my heart rate up too high because my doctor told me babies can't sweat. So I just try to do a lot of toning exercises and yoga.

"I'm always in heels and now I have so much extra weight so when I'm not wearing them, my foot stretches and it hurts. So even around the house I have them on. I'm the only pregnant woman who feels better in heels!"