Alec, Ireland & Hilaria Baldwin

The 17-year-old model's father Alec Baldwin's second wife Hilaria is pregnant and she is excited about welcoming a half-brother or sister to the family.

She said: "I have always wanted a sibling, I'm so excited to meet my sister. I want her to know that I'm here for whatever she needs."

Ireland - whose mother is Alec's ex-wife Kim Basinger - also revealed she has a great relationship with her stepmother.

She told People magazine: "I love Hilaria. She saved my dad, getting him into amazing shape. And she brought him out of a bad place of being lonely."

While Ireland's parents had a bitter break-up, she insists they have put all of their differences aside for her sake.

She said: "My parents always manage to work things out. In fact they can have each other over for Thanksgiving just to make me happy. The co-parenting is intact."

Alec has previously said he can't wait to be a father again because he regrets missing out on so much of Ireland's childhood.

He said: "It's really like a dream come true. Because as much as I have struggled as a divorced parent - and God knows, I've had my ups and downs - the only thing that I regret was that I missed so much of my daughter's childhood because of this contentious situation."