Robert Pattinson has been nominated for worst actor in the annual Razzies awards, the antidote to the Oscars

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are also nominated while Jennifer Aniston makes it in for The Bounty Hunter.

Scottish actor Gerard Butler also gets a nomination for the same movie.

The worst movie nominations include The Last Airbender, The Bounty Hunter and Twilight Saga;Eclipse.

Robert will be crying all the way to the bank no doubt.

His Twilght series has made him a very wealthy fellow.

A few more negative headlines about the Razzies will hardly put a dent in his career.

In fact it is obvious he is chosen for Razzies because they know his name attracts publicity.

And besides it might be a prelude to an Oscar some day.

Sandra Bullock was nominated for a Razzie last year and then won an actual Oscar.