Susan Boyle has vowed to keep her childhood home off the market as a tribute to her late mother Bridget.

Susan says it's not for sale even though she will be moving into a luxury $463,000 home in her hometown of Blackburn.
"I’ve bought a house and I’m keeping hold of my old one purely for sentimental reasons because that was my mother’s house."

Susan received a check for just over $6 million this month from the sales of "I Dreamed A Dream," and is still figuring out what to do with the money.
"Apart from that, (buying the house) I don’t know what to do with it. Invest it wisely, I think."

And Susan admits that the most surprising thing about her rise to fame was her initial audition on "Britain's Got Talent."

"‘A wee lady from Blackburn walks on with a terrible frock on, tights that were probably ripped, hair that was a mess – I mean it was really surprising," she said.